The Submarine Author

Just in case you’re wondering what that means, think about it for a second. A submarine runs silent and deep beneath the surface of the ocean, hidden from both friends and enemies. An author does pretty much the same thing, but with critics and publishers respectively. Publishing this blog, then, is equivalent to ‘surfacing the boat”, but the analogy breaks down a bit after that. I’ve only the tender assurances of close friends that I’m not in for a withering fusillade of negative feedback. Everything hangs on whether I’ve measured out the right words to the right audience

Then again, that’s the point, right? Anything worthwhile includes an element of risk. I’m sure that’s been written before, likely by someone with more talent for crafting quotables than I have. Yet I feel it’s something we all too often forget in our struggle for the easiest path. So here I am- main ballast blown, engines full-speed ahead, heading up to meet… something. Will that reaction be praise, damnation or simply apathy? Not a clue; that’s up to my readers.

4 thoughts on “The Submarine Author

    1. Well, when you have the time I’d certainly appreciate it. I’ve been meaning to go back and track the changes in my style myself, but I haven’t had time recently. I think I updated all of them, but there’s a chance one or two of the posts have extremely large font intended for a previous version of this blog. Happy reading and let me know if you run into that.

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