A Matter of Diligence

If you’re just seeing this blog for the first time, you’ll notice I wrote up two posts in rapid succession, then seemingly forgot this site existed. I’m very sorry about that, because it might give the impression I don’t care about writing that much. In fact, I love writing. It lets me express myself in all sorts of crazy ways I could never get away with in reality, and I can meet people who exist only in my mind. Using these little arrangements of pixels we call font, I can (hopefully) make the immaterial seem as solid as the floor beneath the reader’s feet or the chair in which they sit, laptop perched in its natural habitat. Incidentally, if you have a laptop and don’t have an armchair to combine it with, you have my sympathy.

So what was I doing for these past 38 days? I was writing, in point of fact, but working on a novel I eventually hope to get published isn’t something I feel comfortable just plastering all over the internet. I doubt most musicians allow their music to float around in its formative period, readily accessible to anyone who wants to snag it and claim it as their own. Perhaps I’m a tad paranoid; that may indicate I’ve got something worth stealing, or simply make me a conceited jackass. I’ll leave the final judgment on that up to you readers, since I’m just the tiniest bit biased.

Back to the original topic, I seem to have found my voice again after screaming myself hoarse in my first bid for attention. I still don’t plan on bringing any sort of order to my posts; if I’m going to manage a blog, I’ll post what pleases me, and damn any sort of wider plan. I’ve made it through two years of college with only slightly more planning than the average Star Wars command meeting, so I can probably survive online this way. Maybe.

Okay, perhaps going to college with minimal planning shows me for a fool- but you did read this blog’s title, yes? It mentions three things: musings, as in random thoughts that I choose to write out. “Non-sparkly” which if you’ve read my bio page takes on a rather obvious meaning. And lastly, “Aspergian”. They call me high-functioning, but I am on the Autism spectrum. Take all three of those things together and this blog’s destiny grows clear, like your reflection in a mirror-polished blade. By the way, swords are a great novelistic tool. You can do a ton of stuff with them, like expressing deeper aspects of a reserved character (possibly cliche) or comparing them to weather effects like wind and lightning (oh lawdy the cliches! [that’s also a cliche]).

We’re reaching that part of the post where I completely forget what I originally intended to talk about and just go full-on random. If I’m lucky, you find me amusing in this state, but I WILL NOT BE YOUR WORD SLAVE. I’m sounding the retreat and pulling back the arty behind the next trench line, I’m taking this show to the next city so fine, I- am grasping for analogies and rhyming my words. Might as well deploy my limited knowledge of German while we’re at it- Abteilung, rückzug!

One thought on “A Matter of Diligence

  1. I wouldn’t be paranoid if I were you for two reasons. First, as soon as everyone knows you’re writing a novel they will constantly nag you to “get it done already” (this sin is usually committed by non-writers). Secondly, as soon as everyone else discovers that you’re writing a book, you will be bombarded with “why aren’t you writing?” memes, inquisitions about how qualified (or not) you are to write a novel, unsolicited advice about writing in general, etc.(All of this comes from other writers and is especially dreary and loathsome.)

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