Common Courtesy: Operation Textplosion

Good news, assuming you’re not hate-reading this blog- I’m going to post another article later today because I’ve already got one lined up for tomorrow, and then I’m going to start actually presenting stories to all of you. Which will be free. Please do not abuse my trust by plagiarizing said writing. That would be very obnoxious. I’ve spent plenty of time on this blog yapping about what I think is good and what I think is bad, but I’ve kept myself covered up to this point. Now, for the first time (aside from all those little examples sprinkled like happy landmines through previous articles), I’m going to write stories, and you’re going to read them, and then you can decide if I’m totally full of it or just slightly swelling with it. By ‘it’ I mean hot air. What were you thinking I meant? Don’t answer.

This will be an episodic series of ‘chapters’ much like you might see and then not read in a local newspaper. Maybe you’ll like them. Maybe you, erm, won’t. But they will be here. Waiting. Watching. Demanding your attention.

So, do they have it?

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