Why I Keep Dropping Off the Face of the Blogosphere, And Another Thing

You may have noticed by now (unless you just got here) that I keep disappearing for months or more at a time. There are several reasons for this:
-I tend to gather a bunch of ideas and then rather injudiciously unleash them all at once, like an army of High-Fantasy orcs rushing out to get murdered by inexplicably pretty veteran adventurers. When I run out of ideas or steam (whichever comes first) the posts stop and we enter the Intermission phase. This is like the one from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but less funny and well executed and much closer to completely overstaying its welcome.
-I am only human, and tend to lose enthusiasm. I am ultimately writing this blog for myself, which means I leave it alone for long periods at a time when I get sick of dealing with it.
-I hate all of you forever and unconditionally. Er, wait… okay, got it. I have no strong opinions of my readers one way or the other, and my blog is still at that phase where people don’t comment on it very often. This means I have no solid commitment, which means I become terrible. More so.
-My posts are long. They may be too long, in which case I wish someone would mention that instead of letting me type six 2,000 word posts that no one reads. I mean, I know brevity is the soul of wit and all, but when you’re this much of a genius you need to say a lot! Also, that is irony. I’m not full of myself. Or not in that way.

You may also have noticed by now that I sometimes leave posts where they are, promising a follow-up but never getting around to it. The reasoning for this is actually quite simple. This has only happened with a few posts (as of this writing), but every so often I write something for poorly considered reasons. I realize later that I regret writing it, but it feels intellectually dishonest to delete it just because I’ve reconsidered my opinion. If people bring it up, that’s an opportunity to state that I have done so. Otherwise, it exists to remind me that I am perfectly capable of writing the worst dredge.

That’s all for now. Classes are out for the Summer, so more posts may be forthcoming here. They will be writerly material, which I realize is what I’ve trapped myself into on this blog. Auf wiedersehen!

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