Common Courtesy: Let’s Get Organized!

Wonderful news! I, your illustrious wordsmith, have finally taken it upon myself to kind of, sort of categorize this site so that you readers can find what I’ve written without just repeatedly massaging the mouse-wheel and skimming text at 2,000 words a minute to find something to read. And it’s only taken me two years of sporadic, futile internet word-salvos to get to this point!

You may find the overarching page containing all this nonsense hereor up in the top bar of the site.

I’ve also gone back through all my old posts and updated them to the new ULTRA-HUGE FONT. Hopefully this makes them a bit more readable. I’ve begun adding links to the serial topics, but they’re not all kitted out yet. I’ve actually been at this for two hours and am feeling very, very bored. So, er… done when it’s done. And we’re talking about me, so that might be never. Apologies.

2 thoughts on “Common Courtesy: Let’s Get Organized!

    1. Honestly, I have to be in exactly the right mindset to keep at it for as long as I did. It seems to involve being just tired enough that I don’t suddenly think of a bunch of small, irrelevant facts I could be Googling.

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