Art Gallery: The Violet Torso-cutter

That title is not, in fact, the name of my new series about an incredibly flamboyant serial killer (OC, do not steal). Torso-cutter is a literal translation of the Japanese term Doutanuki, referring to a particular style of nihonto known for their solid construction and (supposedly) power to cut through Samurai in full armor. I’ve made one […]

Cullen’s Whiplash Writing Recommendations: No Questions Asked, Answered Anyway

One of the big problems I’ve seen among genre fiction authors in recent years is an obsession with explaining things no one wanted explained. Some prime examples include Prometheus, because what everyone really wanted from the Alien franchise was a prequel movie entirely focused on humans (down to a ridiculous HUMANS ARE ACTUALLY ALIENS plot point), and that […]

Cullen Cheats Quotas: Why I Write

Every so often, if I determine that the pieces hold up and they’re not surging with precious, precious lore that must not be subjected to thieves (a lot of my better stories take place in the same, closely-guarded universe, sorry about that and also here comes the end of the main sentence so sorry about that too), I’ve decided […]

The Wheel of Archetypes: The Comic Relief

I was going to write an article for you guys today, but you see I fell in with this lovely lady while I was out buying coffee and I just couldn’t tear myself away. No, seriously, I mean she handcuffed me and arrested me for harassment. The above is lies, obviously. Cullen McCurdy does not […]