Common Courtesy: Going (Post)Medieval

This is me, letting everyone know that I won’t be posting anything this weekend for the reason that I’ll once again be attending Blackrock Medieval Fest in Augusta, Michigan as a member of Corvus Cohort, Mercenaries of the 1500s. This isn’t an advertisement, I just like to be specific about my reasons for lackluster post counts when I’m lucky enough to have an actual reason.

I may or may not complete an article tomorrow evening, but regardless I will be posting some renders of a recent project. See below for a rather colorless teaser:


Minimalist! I promise you everything’s textured properly on this end, I’ve just put up a model-only image because, well, it’s a teaser. I do want you folks drifting back tomorrow to look at the gallery, after all.

That’s all. A pleasant evening to everyone!

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