Common Courtesy: The Cycle Renews

And, with all the stone-faced ceremony of a hanging for treason, we’re back! More accurately, I am back, since I can’t very well fault any of you for migrating to more active, less verbose blogs in my absence. Except my Monty Python mug. You are a mug, sir. Your duty is to hold my coffee, and I’ll thank you to stand to your post until relieved from duty! For those of you so bound by my every huff of speech, I’ll supply you with a moderated dose of pure Cullenium sometime tomorrow. I’m concerned that after two months your collective tolerance has waned to nothing, and I need to handle this relapse period with care.

Yes, I’m saying that my writing is a drug. I don’t claim it’s a pleasant drug, but it produces chemical changes in the mind and by extension the body of the consumer. Therefore, under this absolutely non-scientific definition, it’s a drug. Let’s see if I can hook a few more this time ’round, shall we?

Also, for any who harbor the secret, malicious desire to catch me in a professional setting where my arsenal of snark and spite is all but defanged, I’m now on LinkedIn. Find me there if you feel the need for a connection that’ll make your prospective employers exclaim, “Wow! There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to have this guy in their network!”

Say something, darn it!

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