Your Attention to the Following Requested, #1

More often than I’d like, some of my posts step forth onto the Internet and are immediately consumed by the shifting ice packs of the Binary Pole. Perhaps I posted them at 1pm on a Monday while everyone was working, like a complete tosser. Perhaps it was a distracting week. Whatever the reason, I spend a lot of time on them and no one benefits. To that end, I’ll pick a few evenings each week from here on in to highlight previous posts which I believe hold up (or would if anyone had seen them). This lassitude will not, in fact, interrupt our (ir)regularly scheduled posting, except if I get very sick or the Yakuza finally find my safehouse.

I can promise I’ll keep to that schedule, at least, because it doesn’t require me to think. Because, after all, I never think. No, not even a little.

For the first run, a cautionary reminder that sometimes trying too hard to say something about gender roles is like sicking a black mamba on your own themes, or:
On the Extraordinary Counterproductiveness of Pointing Out That Your Tough Women Are Tough Women

Say something, darn it!

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