Common Courtesy: The WordPress Salient

After entirely too much waffling and many promises which I’ve broken unless you have an incredibly charitable definition of the term “soon”, this Friday at 5PM I will finally post the first in what I hope will be a long-running serial written (almost) entirely for this blog.

Three items of full disclosure: first and foremost, we’d have gotten here much sooner if I weren’t holding off to try and acquire more followers. Technically I did, but I’ve realized that at the going rate it’ll a decade before I’ve enough exposure to do this otherwise. This is not intended as a slight on any of you, except insofar as I’m an arrogant bastard with a well-rounded sense of entitlement.

Second, the first post partly consists of a heavily modified opening to a shorty story I wrote three years ago. Rest assured, the current version is vastly improved, but I felt I owed it to you to observe that there is a tiny amount of recycling. You wouldn’t have known it otherwise, but that’s me: making things worse for honesty’s sake.

Thirdly, because this is a serial and, as much as I hate saying it, I need to hold something back for commercial purposes, I won’t always bring my A-game. More accurately, I’ll bring however much of its broken husk I can on a weekly schedule. This story concerns characters I’m already a little fond of on a world of my own creation and I don’t want to shortchange these things, but I’m also a busy easily distracted human. Also, of course, this is not a conventional prose novel so it’s hard to say how long I’ll run it for.

That’s it, return to your Tuesday with my blessing.

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