Crossover Time: Those Renders Are Up

Hello, readerly types! I’m brainstorming a new podcast later today. On reflection, I’ve decided I’d best keep the written portion of the blog too. While I like the podcasts for blathering ad nauseum, I must admit they lack my usual fontastic flair. No apologies will be made for that pun.

A Duel Upon the Razor’s Edge, Whiplash Writing Recommendations and the others will make their return in due time (I.E., when I’ve got my thoughts together for a properly prosy article).

While you wait on me to do new things, here’s a new thing I contributed to. Namely, a revamped worldbuilding article for my cousin Eric’s book Never Heroes, to which I’ve contributed a non-inconsiderable amount of concept art and ghastly amounts of editing both developmental and linear. Here’s a link to the that article.

I recommend setting aside enough time to ogle the renders one at a time. I’m serious, I spent upwards of 30 hours of my life on this thing. Actual, physical swords have been forged in less. I have done things in its details that I have seen in no other sword design. Now maybe they’re good and maybe they’re bad, but they’re a novelty. Take some time to gawk, would ya? In all seriousness, though, it’s a pretty damn good piece.

…why are you still on this page? The link was a paragraph ago! That’s, like, one Starbucks order in real time!

Say something, darn it!

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