Regarding the Status of the Blog

If you’re checking this, you’re probably invested enough in my Musings that you saw the shutdown post near the end of last June. So, what’s changed?

In the short term: nothing beyond the tricking hope-wisps my words might grace these pages anew. Too much has happened since my dismal June to encompass at 8PM EST. For now, know that I finished my first novel and I’m searching for an agent.

As to that aforementioned post: I’ve removed it to drafts, but it remains. I hope one day I’ll have success enough I can drag it out and tell the world how conclusively I thought myself defeated. If my mind-machete dulls before carving a path forward, I may be forced to surrender Musings to the Void after all.

Enough depressing talk and purple prose. No major posts for now, I’m afraid. It’s still true there’s 200,000 words of material here. Most of it’s pretty good, even the angsty bits. If you’re keen to see more posts, well: I repeat that I’m working on books. I’m not going to put aside proper novels for a blog none read, no matter how lovely the sheen of ye, my old guard.

If you wish me back, I must ask something first: poke your friends towards the more readable material here. The first seven entries to Bird’s Eye View and the affiliated lore still hover hereabouts, I suggest starting with those. They’re rather excellent science fiction for being written in one or two hours apiece. And for godsakes, spread them around a little! I want to commit here again, but I  can’t justify it for the same desultory patter of responses I accepted in the past. Maybe that’s awful of me, but if you’ve seen some of the posts you may realize I’ve hit my limit a few times too many. If I must funnel my passion into failing over and over again to connect with anyone, I’d like at least a change of scenery.

Drafting, practicing, just living my life: I spend all these things talking to myself. I want to use this blog again. But in order for that to happen, I need people to talk back.

Say something, darn it!

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