A Serial and a Plan For the Future

So, I’ve been winding may way to this conclusion in any case, might as well have it done. With my book (mostly) finished and in limbo until I find an agent, I have time to write other things while revising it. That brings us to this blog, and to Bird’s Eye View.

For those of you who don’t know, Bird’s Eye View is a sci-fi serial story set on a colorfully awful alien world overrun by colorfully awful humans. It follows an aging sniper ace, Peregrine, and his partner Washi on their mission to extract a die-hard officer before her unit is overrun.  While the current group of episodes are a war story, that’s far from the only thing planned. This is not your standard meat-headed war, either. It’s based very heavily on historical accounts (extrapolated to more advanced weaponry, of course) and set in distinctly, well, alien terrain. My point is that I promise you’ll enjoy it even if you’re not necessarily a fan of war stories, for the worldbuilding and characters if not necessarily the action.

Fair warning, it is extremely violent. I decided a long time ago that my internally consistent approach to violence would be an accurate portrayal. People die, it’s gruesome, it sucks, and there’s no avoiding it. If you’d prefer not to deal with that, I fully understand. If you’ve got a strong stomach or you enjoy squirming, excellent; I’ll be writing Episode 8 soon.

Meantime, if you are interested, I suggest catching up on the episodes so far. And if you do, please like, comment, and share this thing around. I didn’t write it not to have it read.

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