I Caught the Flu, But I’m Not Dead; also, More Roadmap Tomfoolery

In point of fact, I’m recovering well. (Pets helped). I might have clawed free from disease sooner if I’d not insisted on typing a rough psychological summary of the past year.

I completed said depressing recap, I’ll soon stand hale and haughty, so what’s next? I’ve mentioned on several occasions since my return that I drafted, redrafted and submitted queries for a high fantasy novel. I’ve also brought up Bird’s Eye View a few times. After time spent considering for the past two weeks (swordsmanship’s been quite out of the question), I decided that the original “once a week” for Bird’s Eye View is a bit too stringent. While the web-serial format puts publication on the other side of a legal minefield, I still care about my hapless platoon of mercs and their morbid hate-rock homeworld. The episodes are relatively short anyway (most are around 2,000 words), so the least I can offer is polish.

Aside from that, I’m still going through and touching up my novel. I wouldn’t have sent query letters in the first place if it weren’t good enough, but I like “good enough” about as well as slugs like salt. However, since I am a fantasy writer, there’s a shifty magpie’s trove my kind accrue; I believe the kids these days call it “lore”. Why, it just so happens that I have some documents already built up! Though, er, most were scribed to guide my writing, so they may be awfully boring and I’ll have to rework them.

Point being, I’ll intermittently post lore articles on this or that topic related to the novel on the blog. Both these and future Bird’s Eye View episodes will cluster around the weekends, most likely Friday or Saturday from around 5PM onwards. Why? Because, speaking bluntly, that’s when they seem to reach people.

Right, I have a backlog to sort through. Who knows? I might post something cool any second now… yep… any second now…

Say something, darn it!

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