Idle Musings: The Murderous Fruit of My Labors (March 6, 2018)

I said 20 hours. If I’m not mistaken, it’s taken me closer to 15, not counting the time spent mulling various parts of the design over in bed, in the shower, on the bus, and so on. The miraculous efficiency of higher proficiency, as they say.

(Nobody says that)

Anyway, here it is: a completely-from-scratch, practical, meticulously detailed, color-coordinated high-fantasy instrument of death:

You may notice there’s a copyright on there. I did say this still took me 15 hours, not counting time spent modeling the sword and scabbard, didn’t I? I’ll not have all that effort go to waste in the cruel, dark depths of the Internet just because some asshat refused to credit me!

Anyway, unpleasant sniping at anonymous web-silhouettes aside, I’ll be rendering out and posting a full gallery of shots with this lovely weapon over the next day or so. Those will be up, hm… say this Thursday the 8th of March at exactly 5:30 P.M.? Yes, let’s say then.

But that’s not all! There will be (deep breath) LOOOOOOORRRRE! After all, this particular “knife” happens to be the weapon of a main character from my own high-fantasy opus. The lore article will be separate from the gallery, so if you’re just going to show up for digi-art and you don’t want the delusional tangents about a non-existent world, you don’t have to read it.

We here at the Non-Sparkly Aspergian are firm advocates for readers’ choice, except when we’re not.

Say something, darn it!

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