The Roundup: Psychosis, Swords, Serials, and Spellcraft

Sometimes, I just post things at the wrong time. For whatever reason, some of my posts–often ones I quite like–just fall under the world wide radar. For that reason, I’m instituting the roundup: from time to time early on Saturday afternoons, I’ll post one of these handy articles full of all the things you missed. Here are some highlights from the last month:

Salients of a Broken Mind: Lessons From My Spiritual Passchendaele — The final (for now) entry in my grim recitation of the past year’s internal war. Heavy reading, but highly recommended if you want to better understand mental illness on the front lines of the mind.

The Mccurdy Archives: Cannoan Magic — There’s nothing quite like enthusiastically scribing a thorough magic system only to have it go completely invisible on publication. Let’s fix that, shall we? Warning: side effects include basically every disease under the sun, spontaneous self-detonation, and pretentious spellcraft naming conventions.

The McCurdy Archives: The Grand Inquisitor’s “Knife”¬†–A heady blend of lore, short story and artwork for a divinely beautiful weapon. It’s so experimental it probably ought to be in college, working on its thesis paper and forgetting how to smile. Anyway, please enjoy!

Bird’s Eye View #10: A Wounded Wraith — The 10th episode in my serial, featuring a drastic uptick in weirdness. Reading the nine previous episodes is recommended in order for this to feel (slightly) less like a fever dream. But hey, these hallucinations are kind of fun!

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