I Now Have a Patreon!

…because, what can I say, if I could do this forever without money I would, but that’s not the world we live in. Believe me, dear readers, I’ve tried to survive only on projects and happy thoughts, but it hasn’t worked yet.

So: if you enjoy what I do here and you’d like to help make sure there’s more, I’ve now set up a Patreon Page to ask for your money. I could sugarcoat that or be deeply apologetic (did you know all artistic fields are required by law to have low self-confidence?), but I will be strong and therefore frank: right now this stuff’s not paying me much and I could focus on it far more if that were to change. In the event you should grant it, well… the rewards tiers are on the page, eh?

Some examples even so:
-Discord, because naturally
-Patron-only writing, videos n’such
-Much more intensive, specialized advice from yours truly, often dissecting my own best work. Or, hey, someone else’s, because in private material I don’t have to worry about stepping on the toes of giants!
-Sooner or later, all of my unused material. As I say on the page itself: this doesn’t sound like much, but there are some gut-bustingly abominable things in my past. You will love these in the same horridly uncomfortable way I do.

Anyway, that’s, uh… that’s what I’ve got. I’m not holding the blog to ransom, so you can expect the usual stuff in the weeks to come. While I have your attention, both “Sonderhau” and “Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear” could use some more love. They’re nicely diced into roughly lunch-break pieces already, so you really don’t have an excuse. Go read them!

Say something, darn it!

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