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Welcome to my blog! You may be wondering what poetic silliness “Northborn Swordsman” means. Or more likely, you’re thinking it can’t be that literal and there must be some hidden meaning. Nope! I’m a swordsman, I was born in the north. Less north than Canada or Greenland, but more north than the Equator and the majority of things above it. Specifically in Michigan. Point being, it was north enough and I never turn up my nose at an easy slant-rhyme.

I, er, also think it sounds kind of cool.

In my shameful non-Internet persona I am one Cullen Edward McCurdy. There are others, but I’m the one who writes this blog. I occasionally write books but I’m always writing something. I actually have a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing–and I earn money with it! Will wonders never cease?

I’m on the Autism Spectrum, which I think affected me less than it did others’ perceptions of me. I was born at an undisclosed hour and location, certainly as part of a high-stakes Black Ops program to create a higher organism, and definitely not as a hackneyed way for me to appear personal without giving away information on the Internet. Because this is the Internet.

Occasionally, when martial arts practice doesn’t consume the time my writing spares, I’m one of those pesky gamers. Don’t worry, folks, we’re mainstream now! My pixel-pusher of choice: a desktop PC. That doesn’t mean I hate Macs or think the Xbox brought about the downfall of gaming (alright, maybe a tiny bit), but sometimes I spend more time fiddling with a game’s codiguts than I do actually playing it. When I’m not gaming or shirking my duties as a work-capable adult, I’m hopefully asleep, though slumber and I remain uneasy bedfellows.

That sorcery many people invoke when they lie down and fall asleep in minutes? Ye Gods, I’m jealous of it!

Otherwise, I collect outmoded weaponry and like to think I’m not half bad at using it, my favorite food is a toss-up between pan-fried lake perch and jaegerschnitzel, and I listen to basically every genre of music but hardly every song.

If you need to get in touch with me, please check my Contact Information page.


3 thoughts on “About Your Host

  1. Nice to meet you, Cullen. I saw you over at Dream Big’s Meet ‘n Greet and thought I would stop by. I like the way you write and your outlook on life. I deal with a mental illness as well (several actually with a few physical ones thrown in for good measure). I too have been writing since I was young though I haven’t as yet shared any of my fiction here in the blogosphere. I look forward to getting to know you better.

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    1. Thanks Lydia, it’s good to meet you too. I can’t complain too much about Asperger’s, at least not since I’ve learned how to work with it. I’d love to read some of your work if you decide it’s time for it to see the binary light. Have a good one, and I hope to see you around in the future.

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      1. Thanks for the encouragement. Actually, all my writing here, while non-fiction, shows my writing style. You might like one of my posts “Why I am Proud of My Mental Illness.” It is much like how you see your Asperger’s.


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