Art Gallery: Skybleeder

What more need be said? I’ve rendered out a bevy of ultra-HD pictures this morning, and assembled them into one of those new-fangled digital art galleries. Featured today: Skybleeder, the relic spear of House Lin, a nine-foot leviathan known for its unnatural powers, its origins lost to history. Are there clues to those origins in […]

Idle Musings: Pop Culture Iaijutsu Works Backwards

I must preface my observations by saying I don’t have a terribly in-depth knowledge of anime or anime-based live action adaptations. If I am unfair, I am not deliberately so. That said: Spiky-haired youth-appeal protagonist goes to draw his katana for nukitsuke. It is a standard length katana; in Europe its blade is shorter than […]

Skybleeder is Finished!

That phrase probably bears some explanation. I’ve mentioned once or twice that I’ve written my first novel and I’m looking for an agent for it. For those of you who’ve read “Sonderhau,” are reading “Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear” as I dole out the “pages” or have delved into any of the “Regarding Canno” articles, […]

Tales From Canno: Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, Page Four

(Last Page Here) (Table of Contents) With Filare in tow–and a lubberly vessel he was!–Shayris strode towards the angular tower at this marvelous port’s center. Everywhere she looked she saw wonders she’d never dreamed possible, statues of pure gleaming silver polished mirror-bright, gemstones whirling through the air like flocks of birds, animate sculptures that shifted […]

CWWR: Your Armies of Light are Thoroughly Uninspiring, Part One

The Dark Lord’s sprawling armies mass upon the Genrican Plain beneath darkening skies. With this final offensive, all the lands shall be covered in shadow and blah, blah, blah, you know how this spiel runs already. The Dark Lord’s emissaries, beings of woven shadow wielding swords that reflect naught of the sun’s sickening rays, march […]