Books Seeking Agents

The page for any and all novels I’ve finished which need an agent and, indeed, a publisher. If you know any such elusive creatures who might be lured by my works, send them here! If you yourself are a representative interested in seeing materials, please email me ASAP at I don’t usually respond to phone calls. I may be a while responding depending on my other engagements, or after 9:30 PM EST.


The Necromancer and the Revenant: a high fantasy revenge novel of 115,665 words. Series potential with significant brainstorming to this end, but a complete story in itself. Elevator Pitch: “Runaway necromancer hunts the ghost behind her family’s slaughter.” Targeted at an adult audience for psychological and cultural themes, extensive use of subtext, emphasis on in-depth coherent worldbuilding and avoiding or deconstructing many genre staples and contrivances, basis in hard sciences and historical research, intricate prose. Includes intense violence.



I may have smaller works such as short stories or poetry I’m looking to publish, so feel free to ask about those too!