Cullen’s Needlessly Forceful Advice Hub

Containing (links to) absolutely all of my writing advice!

A Duel Upon the Razor’s Edge – For all my two-sided (and two-faced?! No, not really.) articles. All-metal footwear strongly recommended.
Cullen’s Whiplash Writing Recommendations – Writing advice delivered so fast you’ll get… you know.
Further Writing Advice – An uneventful section for uneventful titles. Or so they thought…
Nitpicking to Nukes – But why stop at nukes? Because “antimatter deathbomb” and “black hole generator” don’t alliterate with nitpicking.
Old Dogs and Dead Horses – Because who says deceased equines can’t learn new tricks if you beat them with aging canids? I mean, yeah, they COULD say that, but they don’t, do they?
The Dying is in the Details – Cheerfully delivered tips on cheerfully excessive violence. Wait, I feel like the Fed might suspect something here.