CWWR Collection

Where I tell you how my ideas for the use of this extremely subjective art form are clearly the best!
1. Vicariously Villainous #1
2. Vicariously Villainous #2
3. Vicariously Villainous #3
4. The Dirtbag’s Arsenal
5. The Green-Screen Effect
6. Expository Onslaughts
7. The Gory Details
8. Comedic Commandos
9. Attack of the Drones
10. Blocking Details
11. Benefits and Risks of Cliches
12. Trying Too Hard and Not At All
13. Kinda-Sort Anthropomorph Guide
14. Quick, Everybody Do Nothing!
15. Worldbuilding #1
16. Worldbuilding #2
17. Worldbuilding #3
18. Worldbuilding #4
19. Worldbuilding #5
20. Worldbuilding #6
21. The Importance of Detail and Worldbuilding
22. Differential Dialogues
23. Worldbuilding #7
24. No Questions Asked, Answered Anyway
25. Wait, Who’s Telling the Story?
26. Alternate Universes Are Sexist
27. Sexual Assault is Not a Good Narrative Device

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