Opinion Pieces

Is Our Employment System Rigged Against People on the Autism Spectrum? – Yes, and here I’ll explain how.
Those Who Forget the Past: Why Must We Relive Our Failures? – Depressing but necessary reading about the too-common disinterest in history.
Romanticizing Gritty: The Strange Paradox of Historical Deconstructionism – Why do some people in historical fields insist on making an ideal out of there being no ideals?
Are Creators Really Unable to Innovate Because Audiences Won’t Appreciate It? – No, that’s not it at all. Read my opinion of the real problem here.
Of Masters and Myth-Sellers: Fraud in Martial Arts -You may be surprised to learn that in a world where the average person gets all their martial arts info from TV and movies, a lot of that info is awful. Here I lay out some of the bad to help you separate it from the good.