Northwind Howling — A Poem

I adore frigid winters, the gusts pure and keen upon shy skin. Summer and I became estranged long ago. Beaches felt too warm the moment I realized humanity loves them. I feel that moment’s grain, wrong and inevitable like a dagger-blade upon my thigh, digging through strands for some harsher truth. If a heart thrives […]

Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, #14 (Final)

(Last Entry Here) (Table of Contents) Morkui walked between ranked corpses, casting examinations on each he found for magic which might indicate undeath. He found nothing, and for some time swept back and forth through his section until he stopped at last over a lean, dark-skinned body with one hole in the arm and one […]

High Fantasy Nomads: Let’s Fix This Silliness

Outsiders, I understand. You come to our hidden land expecting wonders and terrors, warriors made peerless by their hardship, the wisdom of wasteland sages. You have been misled. Pop quiz: what’s the best way to learn things in a world which predates the telegraph, let alone the Internet? Is it: 1. Sit on your ass […]