Insidious Patterns: With Poison and Spite

As I’ve developed my writing skills further over the years, I’ve started noticing more and more patterns. Some of these are deeply hidden things and I’ll get to them in due time. Today I’m going to go full male author and belatedly catch up with decades of feminist discourse. I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s […]

No Blog Post This Week–Only Weapon Renders Now

Hello faithful! I am appearing at my normally-scheduled time to tell you I’m focusing on artistic endeavors this week and, therefore, will not be able to supply you with visualized sounds conveying my ideas about other visualized sounds! Instead, here’s a picture of my progress so far on the selection layer I’ll use to help […]

Hot Snap: A Future-Fantasy War Story, Part 2/4

A bit belated because yours truly was unexpectedly caught up in errands today! Without further pause, I present to you the next 1440-odd words of “Hot Snap!” (Previous Part Here) There were abandoned gun-nests here and there, some magnetic artillery pieces in stony casemates char-hammered during the first landings, but no OpFor. After six hours, […]