The Riven Dreams of a Crazed Web-Writer, #6

Hello Blog faithful! Project Skybleeder is consuming all my creative energy right now, so to keep things rolling on the blog in the meantime, here’s another dream from my archives. Enjoy! (From January 19, 2018) The first dream of the night transpired amidst the glowering-grey buildings of a deserted cityscape. After traveling downhill into the […]

Idle Musings: A Monstrosity in the Making

Some authors are content to say their protagonist’s weapon is a sword, or a poleaxe, or a warhammer. I have never been one of those authors. Not to say I have anything against them, I just can’t seem to stop at a category. Even if, sometimes, I probably should. In view of this, witness early […]

The Riven Dreams of a Crazed Web-Writer, #5 (NSFW)

(From October 18, 2016) This shorter entry from my archives will take the place of last night’s dream–yep, finally managed to record another!–until I determine whether I’m comfortable posting that. There was sex involved, you see. Extremely consensual and nothing too crazy, but I was participating, so, um… so instead in the third paragraph you’re […]

Tales From Canno: Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, Page Three

(Last Page Here) (Table of Contents) “Madman!” Filare shouted over the side, once the Inquisitor was well out of earshot. “I’ll–I…” He looked at his doublet, still seamless as its sowing-day. Spray lapping against the passing docks arced over Happenstance’s rails and splattered seawater in his beard. “What you’ll do,” Shayris said, “is anything it takes to […]

Regarding Canno: Thrays

  “There are two opinions regarding Thrays. There are those who adore them, and those who are wrong.” -Matriarch Han-jei Dei-Sholu Thrays are amphibians considered either adorable or disgusting; no sapient being on Canno has ever expressed a middle-ground opinion about them. A Thray can be from any of six species, of which the largest […]

Regarding Canno: The Ton-Ga Knifestail

The Ton naturalist Jihao often said, “When death visits the Bogs, she stalks legless.” He spoke, of course, of the Knifestail. While there are five regional species and dozens of sub-species, the classic (and largest) Knifestail is native to the northern Ton-Ga bogs. They’re especially dense in the territory of Houses Lin and Sairo. Extraordinarily […]

Tales From Canno: Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, Page Two

(Last Page Here)  (Table of Contents) “If you would like to know about a man, the simplest start is to ask,” the Inquisitor said without turning. His voice was whispered yet louder than thunder, emerging all around Shayris without a single echo. The air tore with a thwupping boom, the Happenstance rocked and creaked beneath them, and instantly […]