Regarding Canno: The Grand Inquisitor’s “Knife”

(For those who’d rather just see the pictures without the pageantry, I’ve included a pure gallery¬†HERE) “How can it be said I hold no mercy for necromancers? Always when I find them, I offer them Absolution.” -Pelari Tur, Grand Inquisitor of the Sleepless Vigil The people of the Black Havens have long had a dubious […]

Art Gallery: The Blade of Dragon Woe

Hello readers! Technically this is a repost, but it’s the first time this material will ever appear on my blog. The Blade of Dragon Woe (named by its bearer, not its maker) is an extravagant longsword I modeled for my cousin Eric’s novel¬†Never Heroes. You can find all the relevant lore-bits in this article HERE […]