No Blog Post This Week–Only Weapon Renders Now

Hello faithful! I am appearing at my normally-scheduled time to tell you I’m focusing on artistic endeavors this week and, therefore, will not be able to supply you with visualized sounds conveying my ideas about other visualized sounds! Instead, here’s a picture of my progress so far on the selection layer I’ll use to help […]

The Heck Just Happened With All Those Posts?

Hello, blog faithful! Before I (finally) get to my morning sword practice (at, the, er, beginning of the afternoon), I felt I owed everyone a quick explanation. I posted a short story recently. Some of you may have seen it. It represents significant emotional investment, a good chunk of time, and ungodly amounts of thinking […]

Sonderhau, Page Fifteen

With a scuffle, a robed figure broke into the room and hurled a bolt of lighting at Tervud. It swerved around him and blasted Felasa’s corpse. “That would not have worked when I was an Adherent, and it certainly won’t now,” Tervud said. The figure, a pale blond woman, froze. “If you wish to heal […]

Tales From Canno: Sonderhau, Page Fourteen

“You speak fine words for a man with a peacestock wife,” Tervud said to Ashir, pretending calm. “Felasa?” Ashir cocked his head. “She’s not peacestock! She’s fierce-hearted, cunning, amply brave enough. You yourself are proof that sometimes warriors are born into the wrong families.” “But Malija couldn’t have been warstock,” Tervud stated. “Presumably because she […]

Tales From Canno: Sonderhau, Page Thirteen

Time halted and he saw them with sight beyond his eyes, each frozen, each terrified. He did not feel pity nor remorse. These were the men he was forged to destroy, the men who strove for a world without innocence or compassion. Something overwhelmed him, a feeling beyond human naming. It was fury for the […]

Tales From Canno: Sonderhau, Page Twelve

“I see. Have you ever raped, murdered or enslaved anyone?” Tervud asked. “What?” the sentry asked. His surface thoughts were empty, but that proved nothing. “No, I’ve not–” “Are you aware of his lordship’s activities?” Tervud asked. “He gambles sometimes,” the sentry said. The horn blew again, and there was clattering from the courtyard, with […]

Tales From Canno: Sonderhau, Page Eleven

And at last, Tervud understood. “They’re human, and humans can choose. I didn’t choose to kill them–they condemned themselves!” Unmitigated power surged his limbs, and the twin swords lashed free in his hands. Canno’s soil trembled and broke beneath his rush. Soon he came to the stone highway which coursed to Ashir’s seat; he shattered its […]