Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, #14 (Final)

(Last Entry Here) (Table of Contents) Morkui walked between ranked corpses, casting examinations on each he found for magic which might indicate undeath. He found nothing, and for some time swept back and forth through his section until he stopped at last over a lean, dark-skinned body with one hole in the arm and one […]

Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, #13

(Last Entry Here) (Table of Contents) Morkui prowled circles around Saijun. The Lich showed no signs of damage yet. A few metal shards he had thrown hard enough to breach her wards pierced her flesh, but she had repaired herself instantly. Despite this, he was calm; Envyborn was a brute-force instrument, a blunt-speaking, blunt-fighting woman […]

Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, #12

(Last Entry Here) (Table of Contents) Shayris plunged down another corridor past a group of Ulmish guards, who she pointedly ignored. Not stopping to ask for help? Van inquired. That vampire worked here, or appeared to work here or copied someone who worked here–it doesn’t matter, they’ll know her and not me! Shayris thought. And stop distracting […]

Dark Helm and Wing’D Spear, #11

(Last Entry Here) (Table of Contents) Incompetent bastard! Morkui seethed, coursing through the sea-fort’s wide passageways and ignoring the ocean’s little invasions. The Ulmish here had their own mages, many in unbroken lines from the Age of Splendors. Powerful enough for most things–but soft people forged by soft life. Morkui was a weapon of the Ruined […]

Dark Helm and Wing’D Spear, #10

(Last Entry Here) (Table of Contents) Shayris held her breath–what else was there to do? The roiling waters had her numb to the shoulders already, with the rest of her soon to follow. Shayris had gone overboard once or twice, but then she had lifelines lashed to the Happenstance and strong hands upon the deck to […]

Whispers of the Starkin: The Io Incident, #2

(Last Entry Here) …facility’s reactor went critical, but most of the facility remains intact. We do not have an explanation for this. The remains of the reactor room itself and small portions of the surrounding facility–including, it seems, the Project databases–are still molten. This would have been Specialist Illowen’s job to understand, but you may […]

Whispers of the Starkin: The Io Incident, #1

(The following material is intended only for SolFed military personnel with Class 10 Clearance presently working on Project Precursor. If for whatever reason you have viewed this material, whether accidentally or otherwise, without said clearance, submit yourself immediately to your nearest Data Oversight Center for immediate memory scrubbing. Failure to do so will be counted […]