Regarding Canno: The Southern Ton-Ga Lungworm

(Before you read this entry, I warn you it’s intended to gross you out at multiple stages. Haaave fuuuuuuuuuun!) A horrible creature plaguing the equatorial bogs of the Ton heartland, this species is also called the Silverblood. The reader may hope they’re small; unfortunately, adults may stretch past six feet long and swell to seven […]

Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, #4

(Last Entry Here) (Table of Contents) With Filare in tow–and a lubberly vessel he was!–Shayris strode towards the angular tower at this marvelous port’s center. Everywhere she looked she saw wonders she’d never dreamed possible, statues of pure gleaming silver polished mirror-bright, gemstones whirling through the air like flocks of birds, animate sculptures that shifted […]

Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, #3

(Last Entry Here) (Table of Contents) “Madman!” Filare shouted over the side, once the Inquisitor was well out of earshot. “I’ll–I…” He looked at his doublet, still seamless as its sowing-day. Spray lapping against the passing docks arced over Happenstance’s rails and splattered seawater in his beard. “What you’ll do,” Shayris said, “is anything it takes to […]

Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, #2

(Last Entry Here)  (Table of Contents) “If you would like to know about a man, the simplest start is to ask,” the Inquisitor said without turning. His voice was whispered yet louder than thunder, emerging all around Shayris without a single echo. The air tore with a thwupping boom, the Happenstance rocked and creaked beneath them, and instantly […]

The Heck Just Happened With All Those Posts?

Hello, blog faithful! Before I (finally) get to my morning sword practice (at, the, er, beginning of the afternoon), I felt I owed everyone a quick explanation. I posted a short story recently. Some of you may have seen it. It represents significant emotional investment, a good chunk of time, and ungodly amounts of thinking […]

Sonderhau, Page Fifteen

With a scuffle, a robed figure broke into the room and hurled a bolt of lighting at Tervud. It swerved around him and blasted Felasa’s corpse. “That would not have worked when I was an Adherent, and it certainly won’t now,” Tervud said. The figure, a pale blond woman, froze. “If you wish to heal […]